Al-Marry For Exchange & Money Transfer co.

Al-Marri Exchange Company is one of the first companies in the field of foreign currency exchange and transfer of funds in the Republic of Yemen Al-Marri Exchange manages its money transfer business through direct arrangements with a group of well-known banks and correspondent exchange companies and through the worlds largest money transfer companies. Over time, Al Marri Exchange Company has gained a distinguished position in the exchange market and money transfer through its keenness on a high level and distinguished in customer service and providing fast services and competitive prices

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Looking forward to keeping up with the financial markets and mastering the most convenient solutions for citizens to facilitate financial and banking dealings in the interest of the homeland and personal interests. The establishment of a specialized staff to manage its branches and deal with the needs of all groups of people to establish a network of branches and major spread across the various branches and borders of the Republic of Yemen  



Working to achieve our vision through: 1- Providing financial and banking services around the clock.
2 - Owning an advanced automated system and a qualified human cadre that contributes to providing the best services quickly and easily.
3 - Commitment to our responsibility towards everyone.
4 - Owning the largest network of branches and service points to reach our services to the largest segment of customers. 



Adherence to the provisions of Islamic Sharia in dealing - Trust and safety - Love of Goodness - Social responsibility - Respect - Work with one team spirit. 

  • Bill payment
    Bill payment

    Now you pay your electricity, water, telephone, internet and internet bills. We offer you a great service to save you the hassle of paying bills. .

  • Western Union
    Western Union

    Western Union has become a global lifeline for the transfer of funds in 345,000 service offices in more than 200 countries and is one of the oldest money transfer companies in the world, where the company was founded in 1851. .

  • Buying and selling currencies
    Buying and selling currencies

    Is a service, money transfer and provides customers with the ability to send and receive through more than 300 thousand agents in 197 countries around the world, and through the network of agents MoneyGram features easy electronic payment service, safe. .

Exchange Prices

Currency Name Buy Sale
American Dollar 250 250.5
Euro 285 285.6
SAR 66.7 66.8
Kuwaiti Dinar 824.4 826.1
AED 68.1 68.2
Jordanian Dinar 351.8 352.5

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